Events 2018/19

Sept 17-18 - In-service days (NO school for students)
Oct 4 - PYP Inquiry-based learning workshop (15:00-16:00)
Oct 16 - Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences
Oct 20-28 - Autumn break
Nov 2 - PYP Costume party
Nov 8-11 - CEESA HS Girls Volleyball tournament in Vilnius (Lithuania)
Nov 15-18 - CEESA MS Robotics tournament in Warsaw (Poland)
Nov 22 - In-service day (NO school for students)
Nov 28-Dec 2 - Upper school MUN trip to Paris to PAMUN
Dec 14 - Winter Pageant (school is out at 12:00)
Dec 15-Jan 6 - Winter break
Jan 25 - End of 1 semester
Feb 7-10 - CEESA HS Speech & Debate tournament in Tirana (Albania)
Feb 22 - Estonian Day
Feb 23-March 3 - February break
March 15 - In-service day (NO school for students)
March 28 - Student-led Conferences
April 1-12 - DP2 Mock exams 
April 4-6 - MYP Friendly Olympics
April 11-14 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl tournament in Tirana (Albania) 
April 19-28 Spring break
May 1 - May Day - a national holiday, NO school
May 9 - 12 - HOSTING CEESA MS Cultural Arts Festival 
June 7- Leaving/Graduation ceremony (at 10:00)

Monday and Tuesday next week (September 17 and 18) are in-service days for teachers, there is NO school for students. This is a very exciting opportunity for all ISE teachers to improve their understanding of the role of concepts in our teaching and student learning.

Inquiry-based learning workshop for PYP parents

All PYP parents are encouraged to take part in the Inquiry-based learning workshop on October 4 from 15.00 to 16:00. Babysitting will be provided. Flyer

After-school activities

Please find the list of after school activities here. Please sign up by sending your child´s choices by email to 
Activities run from September 3 to January 25, with an exception of December 10-14. Most activities start right after school (at 15:30 on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri; at 14:45 on Thu) and last for 45 minutes. Please see the list enclosed for exceptions. 
If you are interested in setting up private lessons for your child(ren) either in sports, music, art, languages, etc, please contact the office and we can help you to find a coach/teacher.

MTÜ membership

Our school/preschool operates in the form of a non-profit association (MTÜ) and according to the articles of the MTÜ, the parents of the students may become the members of the MTÜ. Only members are eligible to vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). All ISE families who have not yet signed a petition for MTÜ membership are encouraged to do so. Only one parent per family can become a member. Please download the application (available in Estonian, English, and Russian) here, fill it in, sign it, and send the hard copy it to the office. You can also send your application by email to Ms. Katre Pohlak in the ISE office at, but only if you can digitally sign it using Estonian ID-card. It is important to send in the application prior to October 17, 2018, if you want to be able to vote at the AGM because the MTÜ Board will have to approve all applications for the membership to become active. The AGM will take place in November, the exact date is to be announced shortly.
The information about the membership in Estonian and Russian is available here.

Call for marketing volunteer

As part of ISE creating a new strategic plan and vision for the school, we are looking for a community member who could join an ISE marketing team as a volunteer. If you are passionate about education, have some time to spare, know a little about marketing or the Estonian market environment then please consider joining - we would be so excited to have you on the team. If interested, please contact Katre Pohlak at

Translation into Estonian:
ISE uue strateegilise plaani ja visiooni väljatöötamise raames otsime oma kogukonna seast vabatahtlikku, kes ühineks ISE marketingitiimiga. Kui sa oled haridusvaldkonnast huvitatud, sul on turundusalaseid teadmisi ja/või sa tunned Eesti turusituatsiooni ning sul on vaba aega, mida panustada, siis oleks meil väga hea meel, kui sa meiega liituksid. Kui sa oled huvitatud, siis palun võta ühendust Katre Pohlakuga, kontakt:

Translation into Russian:
Ищем волонтёров в сфере маркетинга
В рамках создания нового стратегического плана и видения для нашей школы, мы решили найти человека который хотел бы присоединиться к нашей маркетинговой команде в ISE, как добровольца. Если вы увлечены образованием, облодаете свободное время, с опытом в маркетинге и знакомы с Эстонским образовательным рынком, тогда, пожалуйста, подумайте о возможности присоединиться - мы будим очень рады видить вас в нашей команде. Если вы заинтересованы, пожалуйста свяжитесь с Katre Pohlak


ISE uses ManageBac as the main communication tool between the school and students/parents. Please activate your MB account by clicking on the link you received in the welcome email if you haven´t done so already. Please let the office know if you would like to receive a new welcome email. 
Please find a link here to a tutorial on how to navigate a ManageBac parent account. If you have further questions or prefer a personal demonstration, please contact your programme level Principal-Coordinator :
PYP - Terje Äkke
MYP - Kadri Tomson
DP - Ritu Dubey

ISE Open House Survey

We would like your feedback on the ISE Open House meetings last week. If you went along and have a moment, please follow this web link  to give us some feedback. This will help us to improve future events. 

ISE Photo days 

ISE annual photo days are September 19 and 20 this year. Please find a poster with detailed information here. Sign up sheets for sibling/friend photos is posted on the wall by the security station at the front entrance. A big thank you to the PTA for organising it.


International Dot Day

Let`s celebrate!
International Dot Day, a celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration, began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on September 15, 2009.
The Dot is the story of a teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe.
And each year on International Dot Day – with the help of people just like you –the inspiration continues. So, tomorrow, please listen to the Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and make your mark. More information here. You may find the Dot in our library as well.

ISE Estonian language intermediate conversation group

Tulge harjutama eesti keelt sundimatus keskkonnas!
Tase: B1+ (kesktase)
Hind: tasuta
Kus: ISE, PYP Common area/ Assembly area.
Millal: Neljapäeviti 16:30- 17:30
Kui teil on küsimusi, siis võtke palun ühendust Leah'ga:

Kui sa räägid eesti keelt emakeelena, siis meil oleks ka sinu abi vaja! Palun saada mulle kiri!
Leah Jaques
Eesti keele grupi koordinaator

Student cards

All Grade 1-12 students in Estonia are entitled to have a student card. All students of any age in Estonia can ride any mean of public transportation in Tallinn for free and your student card is proof that you indeed are a student. To get a student card, please bring a passport size photo to the office. All student cards need to be renewed at the beginning of every school year. If you already have a student card, please come by the office to renew it. 

Daily bell schedule and 2018-19 calendar

Please find the daily bell schedule here and school year 2018-19 here.

Parking on Staadioni street

We would like to inform you that the traffic signage next to the school has been altered. Stopping, standing and parking are completely prohibited on the school side of Juhkentali street. Please be informed that the traffic police will be monitoring the situation and fines will be issued to those who breach this rule. Please forward this information to the drivers, in case your embassy/company hires taxis to transport the children. There is a parking lot 100 m up the street where the parking is free of charge for 2,5 hours with a parking clock. Please use that when you drop off/pick up children.
Please be aware that due to the weather, the pavement markings have not yet been updated to reflect the change but according to the Estonian Traffic Act the traffic signs on posts overrule the pavement markings.

International Women´s Club

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who moved to Tallinn during the summer and hope, their time in Estonia will be happy and successful! Perhaps becoming a member of the IWCT will make settling in easier? Please find the information here.
If you or anyone else would like to know more about our Club, please visit our website ( or contact us via our Board ( or secretary (
Faize Akçaba
IWCT President

Tennis lessons near school

Tennis lessons are being offered after school in English at Kalev Sports Hall (beside our school). If you are interested, please contact coach Boris directly at for more information and to register. 

Menu for September 19-21 

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