Events 2018/19

5 Dec - AGM (Annual General Meeting) at 8:00 am. An invitation will follow next week. 
Nov 28 - Dec 2 - Upper school MUN trip to Paris to PAMUN
Dec 14 - Winter Pageant (school is out at 12:00ish)
Dec 15- Jan 6 - Winter break
Jan 25 - End of 1 semester
Feb 7-10 - CEESA HS Speech & Debate tournament in Tirana (Albania)
Feb 22 - Estonian Day
Feb 23-March 3 - February break
March 15 - In-service day (NO school for students)
March 28 - Student-led Conferences
April 1-12 - DP2 Mock exams 
April 4-6 - MYP Friendly Olympics
April 11-14 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl tournament in Tirana (Albania) 
April 19-28 Spring break
May 1 - May Day - a national holiday, NO school
May 9 - 12 - HOSTING CEESA MS Cultural Arts Festival 
NEW! NEW! NEW! - MYP Graduation (MYP 5)
June 7- Leaving/Graduation ceremony (at 10:00)

International Christmas Bazaar

From the PYP Student Council:

After many meetings, the recently formed PYP Student Council introduced itself to the student body in a short assembly earlier this week. The student council is made up of a few students from grades 3,4 and 5 and they have decided on the following mission:
The mission of ISE’s student council is to make the school an even better place than it already is by representing students, their ideas and voices so that they are heard by ISE’s adults. We are striving to be role models who organize social events in order to make our community more fun.
With a mission in place, the student council has organized a photo contest, with a nature-based theme, where the winning selections will be displayed near the entrance of the school. All submissions must be from our school’s playground, or the park just behind the school. This competition closes Friday, Dec. 7th.
The student council is also organizing an end of semester movie theatre, where they have selected two holiday-themed movies, one for the younger PYP students and the other for the older PYP students. They have decided to charge 2 euros in order to raise some money to put towards a project that is to be determined. The 2 euro will get each child a bag of popcorn and a juice box for the movie.
In this past week’s assembly, the student council surveyed the students to find out which project would be best to work towards. They had a variety of playground equipment ideas from which to choose from. The student council will make a decision on which project to support at their next meeting.

End of the 1st semester

Please note that this school year the first semester ends on January 25th, 2019 after Winter Break. First Semester Report Cards will be released on January 28th. 
MYP and DP families, please be aware that summative assessments and tests are taking place during the first weeks after the break. Therefore, we kindly ask families not to extend the holidays in January. 

Online Book Fair

Online Book Fair half way through!
The Online Book Fair has been open for a week now and around 100 more books have been added over the last few days! Thank you all for your interest and support for this event! The Book Fair will be open until the end of the day on Monday 26th November.
For further info check out the FAQ section on the website or contact Ms. Kadri


MTÜ membership 

Our school/preschool operates in the form of a non-profit association (MTÜ) and according to the articles of the MTÜ, the parents of the students may become the members of the MTÜ. Only members are eligible to vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). All ISE families who have not yet signed a petition for MTÜ membership are encouraged to do so. Only one parent per family can become a member. Please download the application (available in Estonian, English, and Russian) here, fill it in, sign it, and send the hard copy it to the office. You can also send your application by email to Ms. Katre Pohlak in the ISE office at, but only if you can digitally sign it using Estonian ID-card. 
The information about the membership in Estonian and Russian is available here.

Daily bell schedule and 2018-19 calendar

Please find the daily bell schedule here and school year 2018-19 here.


When venturing out in the dark, take a cue from the locals and wear a reflector. It is a small piece of plastic or fabric that makes pedestrians visible to oncoming traffic. The concept was first invented in 1934 by British road worker Percy Shaw, who was inspired by the reflective qualities of cats' eyes. Virtually all children and over two-thirds of local adults wear reflectors, largely due to a 2011 law that requires their use in darkness and conditions of poor visibility. Please note that the traffic police may issue a fine if you do not wear a reflector. ISE reflectors can be bought from the school office for 3€ a piece.

Nov 26-30 - menu for the week.

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