Events 2018/19

Oct 4 - PYP Inquiry-based learning workshop (15:00-16:00)
Oct 10-13 - Tallinn MUN
Oct 16 - Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences
Oct 20-28 - Autumn break
Nov 2 - PYP Costume party
Nov 8-11 - CEESA HS Girls Volleyball tournament in Vilnius (Lithuania)
Nov 15-18 - CEESA MS Robotics tournament in Warsaw (Poland)
Nov 22 - In-service day (NO school for students)
Nov 28 - Dec 2 - Upper school MUN trip to Paris to PAMUN
Dec 14 - Winter Pageant (school is out at 12:00)
Dec 15-Jan 6 - Winter break
Jan 25 - End of 1 semester
Feb 7-10 - CEESA HS Speech & Debate tournament in Tirana (Albania)
Feb 22 - Estonian Day
Feb 23-March 3 - February break
March 15 - In-service day (NO school for students)
March 28 - Student-led Conferences
April 1-12 - DP2 Mock exams 
April 4-6 - MYP Friendly Olympics
April 11-14 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl tournament in Tirana (Albania) 
April 19-28 Spring break
May 1 - May Day - a national holiday, NO school
May 9 - 12 - HOSTING CEESA MS Cultural Arts Festival 
June 7- Leaving/Graduation ceremony (at 10:00)

Coffee Mornings with the Director

On the 9th of October at 8:30 am our Russian speaking community and on 11th of October at 8:30 our Estonian speaking community is invited to have coffee with the new ISE Director, Mr. Don Payne. This will happen in the meeting room upstairs (Ms. Naglee's old office). This will be an informal meeting to get to know each other and discuss any areas of concern. Translation will be available.
You are cordially invited to attend.

Девятого октября в 8.30 утра, приглашаем наше русскоговорящее сообщество на чашку кофе с новым директором школы Доном Пэйном. встреча состоится на втором этаже, в комнате для собраний (офис бывшего директора Кэтлин Нагли) в неофициальной форме с целью знакомства и обсуждения интересующих вас вопросов. Перевод будет обеспечен.
Ждем с нетерпением!

Neljapäeva, 11.oktoobri hommikul kell 8:30 on kõik eesti keelt kõnelevad ISE lapsevanemad oodatud kohtuma uue direktori, Don Payne´ga, et sõbralikus ja sundimatus õhkkonnas tassi kohvi kõrval tutvuda ja kooli puudutavaid teemasid arutada. Tõlge eesti keelde kohapeal. Kohtumine toimub 2.korrusel koosolekute ruumis (endine Kathleen Naglee kabinet).
Ootame Teid.

A note from the ISE PTA:

Next Friday, 5th of October at 8.45-9.30 PTA is organising a Teacher Appreciation Day breakfast for ISE teachers in the school cafeteria.
We kindly ask for your help to make the event a success, one savory and one sweet breakfast dish for approximately 10 persons per grade. Please bring the dishes to the cafeteria by 8.40 Friday, October 5th.
The purpose of the teacher’s days is to appreciate the teachers’ work and all the effort and care they give our children. PTA will make sure that the teachers have a chance to sit down and relax together while Diploma students take care of the children in the classrooms. The teachers will be served food, snacks, and soft drinks during that time.
Please join our Facebook page.

International School of Estonia Parent Teacher Association

School photos

School photos are ready for ordering. Please find the detailed information here. The deadline for ordering is October 10. 

Quiz Night

Please mark your calendars for the first ever ISE Parent Staff Quiz night. 
When: October 12 at 18:30
Where: at ISE Gym
Please find the invitation here. Paper invitations will be sent home on Monday. Please check your child´s bag.
Babysitting available for a fee.

Inquiry-based learning workshop for PYP parents

As members of the ISE learning community, all PYP parents have an opportunity to learn about inquiry and experience what it is like to be an inquirer. The teachers have prepared an exciting workshop that helps to understand the concept of inquiry, gives examples of inquiry at ISE, and provides tips on how to support inquiry at home.
Last year many parents came to the two PYP workshops. In their feedback, the participants said that the experience was very valuable and their understanding of what, why and how children learn at school deepened.
The workshop will take place on Thursday, the 4th of October, from 15:00 to 16:00. We will provide babysitting and snacks. Flyer.


MTÜ membership 

Our school/preschool operates in the form of a non-profit association (MTÜ) and according to the articles of the MTÜ, the parents of the students may become the members of the MTÜ. Only members are eligible to vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). All ISE families who have not yet signed a petition for MTÜ membership are encouraged to do so. Only one parent per family can become a member. Please download the application (available in Estonian, English, and Russian) here, fill it in, sign it, and send the hard copy it to the office. You can also send your application by email to Ms. Katre Pohlak in the ISE office at, but only if you can digitally sign it using Estonian ID-card. It is important to send in the application prior to October 17, 2018, if you want to be able to vote at the AGM because the MTÜ Board will have to approve all applications for the membership to become active. The AGM will take place in November, the exact date is to be announced shortly.
The information about the membership in Estonian and Russian is available here.

Daily bell schedule and 2018-19 calendar

Please find the daily bell schedule here and school year 2018-19 here.


When venturing out in the dark, take a cue from the locals and wear a reflector. It is a small piece of plastic or fabric that makes pedestrians visible to oncoming traffic. The concept was first invented in 1934 by British road worker Percy Shaw, who was inspired by the reflective qualities of cats' eyes. Virtually all children and over two-thirds of local adults wear reflectors, largely due to a 2011 law that requires their use in darkness and conditions of poor visibility. Please note that the traffic police may issue a fine if you do not wear a reflector. ISE reflectors can be bought from the school office for 3€ a piece.

The Young Engineer Programme in TalTech

In TalTech Mektory School of Technology, we are pleased to note that The Young Engineer Programme is beginning training days this autumn and new members are welcome to join the groups. Secondary school (grades 9 – 12) students are expected to join this exciting interdisciplinary programme. The Young Engineer Programme is free for anyone participating and the programme is starting on October the 6th.
The Young Engineer Programme is created by Tallinn University of Technology to introduce various branches of engineering to school students. The programme consists of 12 different training days that include workshops in laboratories.
It is possible for students to take part in the whole programme or specific training days.
Lecturers are academics from Tallinn University of Technology.
More information and registration here (in Est). 
The Young Engineer Programme is subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund.
Additional information
Kädi Kallau
TalTech Mektory School of Technology
Phone 620 3606

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